Try the software before you buy.

We know some of you are patiently waiting for the Ultimaker’s to be in stock and they will be soon enough!  However, did you know that you can download Cura, the slicing software for the Ultimaker family for free even before you get your Ultimaker?  It’s true, the software is not only free but open source so hop on over and give Cura a try yourself and familiarize yourself with the slicing software so when your Ultimaker arrives, you’re all set to print!

Cura developed by Ultimaker is your source for all Ultimaker/Zotrax/Formlabs/BCN3D 3D printers and consumables in Canada. Run by expert printsmen who test each and every product they carry in their inventory. Printers, Filaments, Parts, Advice and Support all in one place.

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