Tip of the week, need a replacement PTFE Coupler? Buy some CPE filament!

Ever felt like you needed a replacement PTFE Coupler but it doesn’t feel worth it to just order that one tiny part?  As well, ever wanted to try the CPE filament from Ultimaker but found it just a bit too pricey for a single spool?  Well this is a fortunate circumstance.

One of the reasons why the CPE filament is more costly is for each spool, a PTFE Cooupler for the Ultimaker 2 is INCLUDED with it.  As CPE melts at a higher temperature, Ultimaker felt that this may wear down the PTFE Coupler faster than with PLA so they have included a spare as a preventative measure.  If you factor in a PTFE Coupler with the cost of the CPE filament, it actually turns out to be similarly priced with both Ultimaker PLA and ABS.

So there you have it.  If you have a need for a PTFE coupler, why not give the Ultimaker CPE filament a try since you’ll be getting a spare PTFE couple with it anyway.

Ultimaker CPE

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