A small batch of Innofil Filament available (White Included!)

As you know, here at Shop3D, we’ve been testing batches of filament from suppliers for quality purposes.  We only want to offer what we know works and prints really well on the Ultimaker.  Of course, Ultimaker’s OEM PLA is a no brainer but for options and specialty filament, its great to leverage the 3rd Party open filament system that Ultimaker embraces and try to out some different filaments here.

Currently we have a small batch of Innofil PLA available.  Tests with their filament have been going very well and we’re confident enough to offer up some for purchase on Shop3D.ca  Most notably, is some White PLA which many have been asking for but have been backordered from Ultimaker going on a month now.  Here’s your chance to get some and at a lower price point too!

Innofil Filaments are packaged nicely in their own separate boxes and their spools and diameters natively fit your Ultimaker.

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