A great interview with the CEO and CTO of Ultimaker from All3DP.

All3DP sits down with Ultimaker CEO Jos Burger and CTO Siert Wijnia to learn about their experiences, new machines and their outlook for the 3D printing industry for 2016.

At last week’s CES 2016 in Las Vegas, All3DP’s met with Jos Burger and Siert Wijnia of Ultimaker. As the CEO of the Dutch 3D printer manufacturer, Burger is responsible for the general strategy of the company. Wijnia as CTO is overseeing the technical side, such as the ongoing development of new printers and new versions of 3D printing softwareCura. Our US correspondent Roland Austinat talked with them about the state of the 3D printing nation, who is buying a surprisingly large amount of 3D printers and why you won’t see a 3D printer that can print up objects of up to one cubic meter any time soon.

“No Media Markt. No Staples. No Best Buy”

We’re glad to be Ultimaker’s Canadian Partner.

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