More choices for filament for your Ultimaker.

You can always count on OEM filament to deliver on the best results.  However, sometimes you just need some filament for a small production run or work in progress prints that don’t require top class finish.  With so many low cost 3rd party filament choices out there with sketchy track records it is a lot to risk the performance of your machine for the multitude of varieties you need to test.


This is why Shop3D has taken our time to do this in order to offer a lower cost filament option but with printing performance that we ourselves are quite happy with.  The new generic PLA, ABS and PETG that we are offering has been tested to work on Ultimakers at a fraction of the cost of OEM filament.  In addition, each spool will fit natively on the Ultimaker spool holder without modification and is a 1kg spool vs 750gr OEM spools.  There are also some colours that are not offered by OEM filament though in our testing, we found that the colours of the generic spool is not comparable to the vibrant and consistent colour from OEM filament.


We have included a rundown of each of the materials and our recommended print settings for the filament under each filament.



Generic PLA – 1kg


Generic PETG – 1kg

Generic ABS - 1kg

Generic ABS – 1kg is your source for all Ultimaker/Zotrax/Formlabs/BCN3D 3D printers and consumables in Canada. Run by expert printsmen who test each and every product they carry in their inventory. Printers, Filaments, Parts, Advice and Support all in one place.

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