Upgrade your Ultimaker 2 or 2 Extended without breaking the bank!



Since the announcement of the Extrusion Upgrade kit, we’ve been provided with the best and most popular way to squeeze the performance out of the Ultimaker 2’s and 2 Extended printers.  It’s also common to hear users who aren’t quite ready to upgrade yet.  Maybe their printer may only be 3-4 months old, they may already have an Olsson block installed or it’s just a bit out of their price range for the time being.


Whatever the reason, there’s a very cost effective way to upgrade parts on your Ultimaker 2 so with some of the benefits of the Ultimaker 2+ which won’t break the bank.  A largely ignored fact is that the PTFE coupler in the Ultimaker 2 family (the white teflon piece above the nozzle) should be replaced every 500 hours of printing.  Less printing hours if you are using abrasive and high temperature filaments.  Once degradation occurs, you’ll start seeing symptoms of under extrusion and generally decreased reliability.  A new PTFE coupler usually fixes that but now Shop3D has the new TFM coupler and spacer available.  This replaces the old PTFE coupler and spring and from our testing, it appears to be a superior part upgrade lasting 5-10x as long as the old couplers.



New TFM Coupler and Spacer


Ultimaker 2 PTFE Coupler











Priced at only $33, you may not have to change your coupler or worry about it’s wear for a long time to come!  Talk about a sweet and cost effective upgrade with a noticeable performance gain.

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