Ultimaker in Education, a 3D Printing Resource

Education has always been a big focus at Shop3D.ca.  This is why we have specially tailored 3D Printer packages for education as well as specifically arranged education discounts.  While that helps greatly in facilitating more 3D Printers in education, it’s really up the the individual teachers and professors to motivate and inspire their students to think in 3D and be their most creative.  Therefore we’re super exciting to share that Ultimaker, our lead sales partner has developed a microsite specifically as a specialist resource for teachers and educators revolving around 3D Printing.  

There are models available for different curriculum and links to all relevant teaching resources.  Finally, teachers who are pioneers of the program are able to share and get advice from other like minded educators to enhance the overall experience of 3D Printing in education.  It’s a one stop shop for all your 3D Printing and education resources in one location.  So don’t wait, check it out for yourself and contribute as a pioneer!

Ultimaker Education Site

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