Our HUGE mini-Nuke giveaway results! #winamininuke

If you follow us on social media, you’ll see from our facebook and instagram feeds that we were doing a HUGE giveaway during FanExpo Canada 2016 last week using the #winamininuke.

If you haven’t seen what the contest is about, this photo should explain it all.  It’s our mini-nuke model kit, made maximum size and custom painted by Valcrow of Redicubricks.com.  The Printing and painting took more than 50 hours to produce.  The result was sure to please the most discerning of Fallout4 Fans out there.


We collected entries during the show and though many were shy to enter, we received about 70 entries.  Our winner came by to pick up their prize last week.  Congrats!  If you like this giveaway idea for the future, let us know!


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