More choices and lower prices for nozzles for the Ultimaker 2+ Family

Good news!  We’re dropping the prices of our current standard replacement brass nozzles and blocks for the Ultimaker 2+ / Olsson Block effective immediately.  Even our hardened steel nozzle will have a lower standardized price (just in time for the carbon reinforced nylon filament announcement).

In addition to the price drop for brass nozzles, we’re also happy to be able to offer the gorgeous chrome plated Matchless Nozzles from 3D Solex into our lineup a la carte.  This means if you’re not interested in getting the new V3 Solex Block, you can buy the nozzles separately.

Finally, we’re happy to be able to offer a new 3D Solex V3 Matchless kit with 4 nozzles.  Similar to the old Olsson Block but all chromed up with new nozzle geometry. is your source for all Ultimaker/Zotrax/Formlabs/BCN3D 3D printers and consumables in Canada. Run by expert printsmen who test each and every product they carry in their inventory. Printers, Filaments, Parts, Advice and Support all in one place.

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