is now offering Carbon/Glass reinforced nylon filament from Fiber Force Italy


It’s been a long search all over the world for exactly this filament.  We tried Carbon Fiber infused filament but it just wasn’t as strong as we’d like so when we found out that Fiber Force Italy had a specialty filament that used actual Carbon Fiber to reinforce an already strong Nylon material, we were intrigued.  After seeing it on display in Amsterdam and testing it for strength and aesthetics in our own test, we were convinced.


This wasn’t just a filament that looked good.  It was strong and had the best of both worlds.  The strength and durability of Nylon and the asthetics and stiffness of Carbon Fiber or Glass Fiber.  The actual fibers help reduce the warping usually inherent in straight nylon prints.   As a bonus, the wood filament also impressed us with it’s surface quality, feel and smell.  Very believable wood prints are now easily attainable.


We’re super excited to have Fiber Force Italy as part of our lineup and their specialty filament should please anyone looking for a truly unique filament not only in aesthetic quality but also in strength and function.


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