Meccatronicore BB Cure Dental – Professional post curing solution for SLA prints

Are you printing regularly with the Formlabs Functional Resins (Castable, Flexible, Tough, Dental SG)?  If you are, chances are you will need the proper post curing solution from Meccatronicore (made in Italy).  The BB Cure Dental Edition Oven will post cure your functional prints with the correct UV wavelength and temperature as required to properly finish your functional prints.

The unit volume matches perfectly with that of the Form2 SLA 3D Printer and is highly recommended if you are producing with functional resins.  A touch screen interface allows you to set the perfect curing time and temperature so your prints won’t have a chance to be over exposed.  Order the BB Cure today to ensure that your functional prints will be cured to the manufacturer’s specifications with this easy to use unit.

If you require more information, please contact our sales staff directly by phone, chat or email to see if the BB cure fits in your workflow.

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