New Meetup! feat. guest speaker Heroes Workshop

Intro to 3D Printing for Props & Replicas feat. Heroes Workshop is proud to host a meet up on Wednesday May 17th, 2017!

The topic for the meet up will be “Intro to 3D Printing for Props & Replicas”. Join us as we showcase various props & replicas printed on our Ultimakers & Form2s, talk about the nuances of the two styles of printers and their different uses in the arts, and the different stages of production that the 3D printed artifacts can be taken through. While more advances topics may be touched upon (molding, casting, finishing & painting), majority of the meet up may be focused on the advantages (and maybe some disadvantages) that 3D printing can lead to in the props & replicas world.

Join us for a chance to hear our Special Guest speaker Stealth; the founder of Heroes Workshop. Stealth is one of the original builders from the Iron Man Cosplay scene on the RPF and the creator of the Heroes Tutorials which has been used by numerous cosplayers to build foam cosplays. He has worked with various prop shops and was involved in the original design for the Alliance armor featured in World of Warcraft. Stealth constantly evolves with the prop builders scene and now incorporates 3D printing into his arsenal of prop making to make him a truly successful innovator and contributor to the builders community. Come hear what he has to say!

Click here to RSVP, space is limited. is your source for all Ultimaker/Zotrax/Formlabs/BCN3D 3D printers and consumables in Canada. Run by expert printsmen who test each and every product they carry in their inventory. Printers, Filaments, Parts, Advice and Support all in one place.

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