Zortrax M300 large format printer and it’s little brother M200 now in stock at Shop3D.ca


With the boom of desktop 3D printing and its applications into prototyping of models & mock ups, the requirement for precise repeatability and dimensional accuracy is higher than ever. Professionals and consumers alike are always looking to take matters into their own hands and reduce the costs of prototyping their dreams, whether it be a simple figurine, to mechanical parts, to a building model. On top of that, the professional consumer is looking to minimize assembly time with the helps of having an increased build volume.


Sporting a cubic foot of build volume, the Zortrax M300 is working towards filling that large volume niche. Building off of the popularity, well reception and ABS proficiency of it’s younger brother; the M200, the M300 bring a closed system large scale printer straight to your desktop. With its easy to use and streamlined closed system slicing software called Z-Suite, preparing a 3D file for print has never been easier! The M300 comes complete with side panel and door to allow for optimized temperature retention during your printing and reducing external materials introduced.


For the end user looking to repeat multiple iterations of their prints time & time again with dimensional reliability, the M300 is definitely a printer to have on your watch list.  Contact our sales team today to find if Zortrax will fit your needs.


Ready to ship out to you today or for pick up in store.


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