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Why Shop With Us's physical showroom, webshop and support center are all designed to provide the best possible experience while shopping for your next desktop 3D Printer.  We specialize in consultative sales to Education, Government, Engineering, Architectural and Design firms.  Our GTA Brampton showroom has all types of print samples so we can guide you through the best workflow for your needs.  We keep an extensive inventory of Ultimaker, Formlabs and Zortrax Printers and consumables in stock to ship out same day and have our own technical support team in house to provide you support by email, phone and chat.  Get the service you deserve when working with as the most dedicated 3D printing store in Canada.


Ultimaker 3D Printers

The Ultimaker 3 Extended is the most reliable dual extrusion 3D printer available. Achieve complex designs and improved 3D print performance, thanks to its unique auto-nozzle lifting system, professional build and support material combinations, and swappable print cores.

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Formlabs Form 2

The most advanced SLA 3D Printer ever. 

At the heart of the machine is a powerful optical engine: a 250mW precision laser is guided by custom-built galvanometers, delivering big prints with spectacular detail.

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Makerbot 3D Printers

The most recognized desktop 3D printing brand in North America.  Tayloring solutions for educators and professionals with their Replicator+ line of 3D Printers.

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BCN3D Sigma R17 Printer

The unique Independent Dual Extruder system allows to print 2 different materials or colours while ensures the finest surface finish. The idle toolhead remains parked, preventing the dripping of molten plastic onto the part.

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Zortrax 3D Printers

Reliable, simple and heavy duty is the hallmark of Zortrax 3D Printers.  Producing part after part with great dimensional stabilty with peace of mind.

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