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Shrunken Heads: Scanning and 3D Printing the Team

September 14, 2018

Shrunken Heads: Scanning and 3D Printing the Team

This week we launched a new chat window on the site, making it even easier for you to connect with us! But we ran into a dilemma: photos. With this new chat was an opportunity to show you our beautiful faces and highlight the power of our 3D printers. The concept was set: we were going to print ourselves.

3D Scanning at the Toronto office

Print Assistant Austin taking a 3D scan of our Techincal Service Consultant, Jia


Process & Tools

The first challenge was getting the models of our team. We needed an accurate scanner that could be used within our showroom space! For this, we chose to use the Structure Sensor accessory attached to an iPad and the Structure Sensor's Scanner App. One by one our staff took their turn getting scanned. This involved sitting patiently as Austin used the scanning app to build out the model. Each scan took only a few minutes to fully complete.

The next step was taking the scanned models and cleaning them up. Jacky imported the models into Autodesk's 3ds Max and filled in any holes that were missed by the scanning software. He then loaded the files into Pre-Form to adjust the size and prepare them for print.

We chose to print our heads on the FormLabs Form 2 in the standard grey resin. This SLA printer allows for great detail at small sizes which meant we could print our heads at toonie-size and still look dashing.

3D models imported into 3ds max

Editing the 3D models of our heads in 3ds Max


The Result

Voila! A minified team, immortalized in Resin. We could totally see this technique being used to make some elegant wedding cake toppers or a funky pair of earrings. What would you do with a 3D print of yourself?

Official meeting of the heads

Team meeting

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