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July 08, 2016


Innofil3D is now BASF Ultrafuse®. New name, same product.

As the Canadian Distributor for Innofil3D, we’re really excited to introduce PRO1 to the Canadian Market.  The first filament in the series is a truly innovative formula that is made with the demands of professional engineers in mind.  A single filament that can either be printed 3x faster than regular filaments or fine tuned for quality in one spool.  With polymer characteristics that are stronger and more robust than ABS but without the unappealing side effects of warping and hazardous fumes while printing. This filament is a revolutionary development in material science for FFF printers.  No gimmicks, this filament was made to perform in the most demanding environment where time and performance is the primary consideration.

Key Features of PRO1:

  • Impact Resistance similar to ABS, much stronger than PLA
  • Filament can be tuned for surface quality or speed
  • Able to print at insane speeds up to 3x faster
  • Easy to print and sticks very well to clean glass beds
  • Consistent performance amongst colours

Choice of 3 Colours available upon launch.  In stock now at

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