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Special Promotion for all Ultimaker 3D Printers!

August 09, 2021

For the months of August and September 2021, Ultimaker has announced a free ESP (Enhanced Service Plan) for the Ultimaker 2+ Connect, S3 and S5.

The ESP is valid for 3 years, which means that you now get a free 36 months of  warranty period with the purchase of any Ultimaker 3D printer. This is a limited time offer only, so make sure you get your hands on this ASAP! Barring the special promotion, all Ultimaker 3D printer purchases include a 12 months warranty and an additional 12-24 months warranty that is sold separately. 

But we don't just have one deal, we have two! Purchase any Ultimaker printer in August or September and get 50% off the material starter bundle. The Ultimaker S5/S3 material starter bundle includes: 1 Breakaway, 1 ABS, 1 Nylon, 2 Tough PLA and 2 PLA and the Ultimaker 2+ Connect material starter bundle includes: 2 Tough PLA and 2 PLA. Promotion expires on Sept. 24th  

As always, Shop3D guarantees dedicated service and support to all our customers. Click here to book a consultation or contact our sales and services team directly to find out more information about the Ultimaker 3D printers

With Ultimaker, you will unlock your potential and spark confidence with:

  • Reliability: Most reliable professional 3d printer on the market.
  • Ease-of-use: Once Ultimaker smart filament is loaded, all settings adjust for you!
  • #1 software in the world: Award-winning and trusted by millions of users, Ultimaker software brings your design to life.
  • Remote printing: Web-based printing and monitoring capabilities are included!
  • Team management: Want to pick who can use your printer? Want to share designs among your team? It’s all in your control and included!
  • Material freedom: Want to use a material which Ultimaker doesn’t offer? Go ahead! Our printers print all different materials and we created a marketplace to help you find the best material for your application!

In addition to above, we are offering 3-years of warranty coverage on all printers in August and September! That’s up to an additional $2165 CAD in savings!! Leverage the proven solutions which are available today.

With Ultimaker, you will achieve your goals!

Click here to shop Ultimaker Printers. Promotion expires September 24th.

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