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Workshop: Intro to CAD for 3D Printing using Fusion 360

August 08, 2019

Workshop: Intro to CAD for 3D Printing using Fusion 360 -

So you’ve probably heard all about 3D printing by now or maybe you watched some cool YouTube videos on the subject. You might already have a ton of ideas about how to use this awesome technology at your job, at home, or even make some cool parts for your hobby motorcycle but what you DON’T KNOW is how to design your own parts on the computer.

Don’t worry, we’ll teach you! This workshop is first of many to come, we will be hosting a workshop every month on a different topic. This month is “Intro to Computer Aided Design (CAD) for 3D printing using Fusion360”.

Like any manufacturing method, be it injection molding, CNC machining, EDM or 3D printing, there are specific considerations that must be taken into account during the design phase. Join Felix of Shop3D for a quick but thorough introduction to the principals of CAD for 3D printing, preparation of your STL file using Cura and 3D printing using Ultimaker

Learn the basics by watching and following Felix as he shows you the ropes on the big projector at our Toronto location at Ildsgel Collective.

Keys to success:

  • Come with an open mind! Yes, even if you’re a CAD expert :)
  • Prepare some questions
  • Bring a notebook to take notes on
  • (Optional) bring your laptop with Fusion360 and Cura installed so that you can follow the tutorial
  • Bring some business cards, there will be time to share knowledge and experience with the other folks in class.

Cost: $0

When and where: Event to be held August 14th at Shop3D Toronto, using the main hall.

Duration: 1hr – 1hr 15min


  • Registration: 5:30pm – 6:00pm
  • Workshop: 6pm – 7pm/7:15pm
  • Q & A and Networking: 7pm – 7:45pm

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