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Talk3D Guests and Host Kenneth Wan

Episode 3: Felix Izraitel | Application Specialist

July 11, 2023

What's the future of 3D printing? We're talking with Shop3D's previous Application Specialist, Felix Izraitel, about the past, present and future of 3D printing. Felix has years of experience testing new products and helping companies make their applications a reality. With his background in both CAD design and working with a range of printers, he's better than a magic 8-ball when it comes to predicting what's next!

About Our Guest

Felix Izraitel

Felix Izraitel

Application Specialist

With a formal education and background in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on automotive and manufacturing processes, its not surprising that Felix would naturally gravitate towards additive manufacturing. Felix is a Mechanical engineer turned Software engineer who has a demonstrated history of working in the engineering industry and founded his own 3D Print Farm with Pineapple3D!


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