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Talk3D Guests and Host Kenneth Wan

Episode 6: Brandon Dale | DaleSabers

July 11, 2023

Talk3D Episode 6: We're sitting down with Brandon Dale to talk props. We'll discuss his journey to becoming a Sabersmith and building his company: DaleSabers to his role in creating props in the art department of shows like Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Learn how this "Automated Operator" tackles scaling to size and how he uses CNC and 3D Printing to bring his ideas to life.

About Our Guest

Brandon Dale

Brandon Dale


Brandon Dale has worked in the Prop Making industry for more than 15 years and has knowledge on everything from basic assembly to full-scale fabrication. This includes his six years of professional employment with IATSE 873 in the film industry, where he worked on a variety of projects including Defiance, Shadow Hunters, Nikita, Rocky Horror Picture Show Let's Do The Time Warp Again, and many others.


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Episode 9: Ben & Emma | BASF Forward AM

August 02, 2023

Get ready for the newest episode of Talk3D! We're sitting down with Ben Rader, Business Development Manager and Emma Coury, Applications and Technical Specialist from BASF Forward AM. They're spilling the beans on what's up with BASF, past and present, and giving us the inside scoop on how they create cutting-edge composite filaments.

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Episode 8: John Phillips | University of Guelph

August 02, 2023

Join us as we sit down with John Phillips, Senior Design Engineer of the Interdisciplinary Design Lab at the University of Guelph. With John’s history in the field of additive manufacturing, he’s able to push the students and staff of “I.D.L” past the boundaries of 3D printing.

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