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3Dsimo Kit - Custom Assembled 3D Printing Pen

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Deal: Buy 1 3DSimo Multipro, 3DSimo Mini 2 or 3DSimo Kit and get 2 free 3DSimo ABS or 3DSimo PLA filament packs.

Video courtesy of Hacktuber


This is the first multi-material, open-source 3D pen, which you can customize for your own needs. It's versatility also applies to the various materials you can print with the 3Dsimo Kit, not just PLA or ABS.
The Kit is designed for intuitive assembly. Follow the instruction manual and you can assemble your new 3Dsimo Kit pen in only 15-30 minutes!
You can program your Kit through a USB connector and Arduino interface. Plug in the LCD display (included in the package) and choose one of many predefined material profiles, or make your own. The whole device is made out of FDM 3D printed parts, which gives you the opportunity to modify the kit as you wish. In the case of any damage to the 3Dsimo Kit, do not fear! You can easily print new parts located on the 3Dsimo GitHub.
The 3Dsimo Kit includes all the assembly parts to make 1x pen.
* Requires assembly and programming on provided Arduino

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