3Dsimo Mini 2 - 3D Printing Pen + Tips

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Deal: Buy 1 3DSimo Mini 2, get 2 free 3D Simo ABS or 3D Simo PLA filament packs.  Learn More »
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Deal: Buy 1 3DSimo Multipro, 3DSimo Mini 2 or 3DSimo Kit and get 2 free 3DSimo ABS or 3DSimo PLA filament packs.


Get your hands on the most versatile 3D pen in the world. The 3Dsimo mini is a 3D drawing, wood burning, soldering and foam cutting pen all in one small package! Don't feel like drawing all the time? You can easily change the tip and solder, burn or cut. It is also adaptable to many types of filaments.

Each adapter is equipped with automatic detection and the configuration of parameters. This means everyone can handle its operation.


The 3Dsimo Mini 2 communicates through bluetooth with a mobile device using its own app for iOS and Android. It offers instructional videos, templates, and the option of setting custom material profiles. You can find many tutorials, templates and also preset material profiles for 3D drawing and along with other adapters in the app.

If you do not have the app, the 3dsimo Mini 2 is equipped with a display where the basic material profiles are preset.

The 3Dsimo Mini 2 comes with:

  • 1x 3Dsimo Mini 2 pen
  • 1x Magnetic adpater for connecting powerpack
  • 4x exchangeable tips - 3D drawing, Burning, Soldering, Foam Cutting
  • 1x Foam Cutter wire
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x 3Dsimo Book with templates and projects
  • 1 x Drawing pad
  • Starter pack of filament for 3D drawing
Download: English Manual
Download:  French Manual

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