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The Olsson Ruby High Temp / 0.6 - 1.75mm

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Olsson's flagship nozzle for high temp applications up to 500 C°.

Made from high conductivity copper and coated with a high-performance non-stick chromium nitride surface.

The original ruby tipped nozzle was developed for 3d printing abrasive materials, such as carbon-filled composites, steel and boron carbide. Since the launch in 2017, 3DVerkstan, together with the original inventor, Anders Olsson, have been working on other versions of the popular abrasive resistant nozzle.

The latest addition, the Olsson Ruby High Temp has all the features of the original Olsson Ruby. But it can handle temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius (900°F). It also features a coating with non-stick properties, resulting in smoother and cleaner prints.

The industrial need for functional materials is growing rapidly, and by combining abrasion-resistant properties with heat resistance, you strike two birds with one stone. For users, this means you can print with heat-resistant composites, such as carbon-filled Ultem, or PEEK.

The development and use of high temp materials has been slow in the additive world, says Anders Olsson, the inventor behind the Olsson Ruby. But the benefits are manifold, particularly in the automotive and aerospace industry, where high temp 3d printing materials could potentially replace metal parts.


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