Cleaning Filament for 1.75mm Printers (eSun) - 0.1kg

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Cleaning Filament from eSun

* Do not use for printing, only for cleaning *

For direct drive printers, there’s no need to cut the cleaning material, just load the cleaning filament like regular filament and run some through the nozzle.

  1. Poor quality or cooked/burned filament can leave residue in your nozzle. Even PLA can solidify in the nozzle over time, so we advise flushing it through at least every 200 - 400 printing hours.
  1. Depending on your printer design, there are a few ways to use cleaning filament. In most instances, simply unload the previous filament and load your cleaner filament as you would any other filament.
  1. Keep the printing temperature the same as your printing filament and begin to extrude the new cleaner material into thin air (don’t try to print with it!). Keep extruding until you cannot see residue of the previous material, or contamination specks. Once it runs clear, simply unload and reload with your printing filament. 

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