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eSun eASA Filament 1.75mm - 1kg

Product SKU: eASA175N1

Available Stock:
Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, our regular stock supply has been disrupted and possibly out of stock for a longer than expected period. We are still receiving regular shipments from our suppliers in the Netherlands for BASF | Ultrafuse filament.
3D Printing with ASA does release harmful odours.  ASA should not be used in a classroom environment without an enclosure and filtration. ASA printing should be conducted in a well-ventilated workshop for best safety practices.
Durability, Medium Heat Resistance and Strength

ASA is a very similar to ABS with the added benefit of having outstanding weather resistance and good UV resistance. While it is truly proven material in everyday objects, it should be considered a filament for users at an intermediate or advanced level. This material is suited for users who require durability, medium heat resistance and strength in their prints.

Print Settings
eSun Material Datasheet
  • Nozzle: 220-260C
  • Bed: 70-110C
  • Feed rate: 20-90mm/s
  • Idling speed: 90-150mm/s

For bed adhesion, try the following:

Shop3D Product Notes

 ASA prints very similar to ABS, so using the same profile should be alright. Pay attention to the fan speed settings; sometimes ASA can take a bit more cooling without it having a negative effect on part quality and warping. 

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