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Spiral3D - Silk PLA - 1.75mm - 1 kg Spool

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Spiral3D's Silk PLA filaments are easy to print like regular PLA but gives you an elegant shiny luster to your prints.  The foil-like shine is aesthetically eye catching and is not able to be replicated by any post processing when using regular PLA filaments.  It also hides layer lines well so your curvy prints come out clean and polished.

Kick your prints up to the next level with Silk-like filaments from Spiral3D for a unique quality and finish.  

Silk-Like PLA compared with Regular Blue PLA

Compare Silk Filaments

Spool Net Weight:1kg
Print Temperature:190 - 220°C
Hot Bed Temperature:0 - 60°C
Print Speed:20 - 50mm/s

100% New Material for Premium Printing. All filaments are high purity and high accuracy with ROHS certification from SGS testing.  Made in China.

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