Ultimaker TFM Coupler and TFM Isolator Bundle

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The simple upgrade bundle contains:

1 x TFM Coupler
1 x TFM Coupler Spacer / Isolator

(Replaces the older PTFE Coupler and spring)


TFM Coupler:  

This is the Ultimaker 2+ TFM Teflon coupler.  Replace this part when your original TFM coupler shows signs of wear and friction in the tube.

In our testing, this part may last 10 times as long as the original PTFE Coupler.

This part is compatible with the Ultimaker 2 and 2+ family.

Installation Instructions here.


TFM Coupler Spacer / Isolator:

Isolator Spacer 9.4mm that fits on top of the TFM Isolator Coupler.  For UM2 / UM2+ Family.  Should upgrade if you are using the older PTFE coupler spring.

Replaces the older PTFE Coupler spring in the UM2 family.  This is a perfectly fitted spacer which no longer applies pressure on the PTFE or TFM coupler so that the coupler lasts a longer amount of print hours before needing replacement.

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