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Dremel 3D 1.75mm Nylon Filament

Product SKU: F013DF45AB

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Dremel Nylon filament has been specifically engineered for optimal printing with your Dremel 3D Printer 3D45.

Nylon is a synthetic polymer that softens and melts when it’s heated, building your designs strand by strand and layer by layer.

TDS and MSDS are available here.


Shop3D Test Notes:  


With its RFID recognition tag the Nylon filament has been designed to automatically adjusts the Dremel 3D printer settings by reading the filament RFID tag and ensure a stable, strong object with a high quality finish.

Colour:  Black
Filament length: 195m
Material Diameter: 1.75 mm
Weight: 0.5 kg


Recommended Settings:  

Print with default Dremel Nylon settings.  No adjustments required for the perfect print.


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