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Fiber Force Wood Infused Filament

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This is an abrasive filament that will wear down brass nozzles. We recommend upgrading to a steel or ruby nozzle.

Refined Wooden Prints

This composite filament is a mix of PLA and real wood dust. Easily sand and stain your prints and experience a special wood smell while printing! 

Print Settings

This should be considered an abrasive filament, we highly recommend switching to the hardened steel reinforced nozzle for printing.  Also recommend running cleaning filament through the nozzle in between material changes due to the higher temperature print settings for this filament.

In general you can use these settings:

  • Suggested print temperature (guideline)  200°C
  • Suggested print speed  40-100 mm/s
  • Suggested bed temperature  60°C
Overview is proud to be the exclusive Canadian carrier for a revolutionary new filament from Fiber Force Italy.

Fiber Force Wood Infused Filament is composed of a modified polylactic acid (PLA) charged with real wood dust.  With a special smell of wood while printing at temperatures around 200°C, this material has been developed for revolutionary and refined wooden prints. Being based on our High-Speed PLA, it’s suitable for high-speed printing.  The print can be wood stained in post processing for further effect.

Fiber Force Wood Infused Filament comes in a 500gr. Spool in 2.85mm or 1.75mm diameter.  The spool will natively fit the standard Ultimaker spool holder.

 *Only available in Canada through 

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