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Ultimaker Print Core CC Red 0.6 mm

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Hassle-Free Printing of Composite Materials

The print core CC red features a 0.6 mm diameter nozzle with a specially customized geometry and a wear-resistant ruby cone to ensure reliable 3D printing with composite materials.

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The printcore, developed in collaboration with Anders Olsson, features a precision-machined 0.6 mm diameter nozzle with a specially customized geometry. With a wear-resistant ruby cone at its tip, this print core ensures reliable 3D printing with composite materials. Also included in the packaging are four spare Ultimaker S5 nozzle covers, for long-term use.

Together with profiles in Ultimaker Cura, this swappable print core will make getting perfect results with these third-party materials as easy and seamless as using Ultimaker filament. No need to manually set printing parameters, and no need to worry about whether your nozzle can handle the abrasion — the print core CC Red was created for a lifetime of abrasion-ready 3D printing.

CC Red 0.6 Print Core - Can I use it with the Ultimaker 3?
The ruby tipped 0.6mm nozzle is designed to print third party composite materials on the Ultimaker S5. It is not intended for the UM3 because the teeth of the knurled wheel inside the feeder are not hardened and will erode, causing unreliable material flow and under-extrusion. You may bypass the warning message on the UM3 to use the CC core but this is not officially supported. Profiles for composite third party materials on the S5 are found in the Marketplace in Cura 3.6.

Cleaning the CC Red 0.6 Print Core
Use Ultimaker Cleaning Filament to clean the inside of the CC Core once a month. Do not use a needle to unclog the CC core because it may damage the ruby. Set temperature to 150 C and clean the outside of the nozzle with steel or brass wool, or a cloth. Do not use Scotch-Brite pads because this will cause slight wear on the nozzle and do not use anything sharp such as tweezers. Check the quality of the nozzle cover once a month. The CC Core comes with four spare covers and has a lifespan of 1000 printing hours. 


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