The Beginnings

For the Love of 3D Printing

For the Love of 3D Printing

We opened the shop because we are 3D Printsmen at heart.  Constantly pushing the limits of what 3D printing can do and how it can change our lives.  We love all the aspects of 3D printing so we decided to make a shop where we can delve into it all on a daily basis.

Our web-store and showroom is an extension of our dedication to the craft.  We’ve surrounded ourselves with the tools we need to pursue the art we desire. A true Printsmen workshop and an opportunity for us to show Canada what our passion is all about.  Drop in to chat or to browse, you are always welcome.

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Company Information

  • OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR AND RESELLER is the official Canadian distributor and sales partner for Ultimaker 3D Printers, filaments and accessories and parts.  We are also the Canadian reseller for Formlabs 3D Printers, resins and accessories.  Shop3D is acts as the North American distributor for Innofil3D filaments.  We are proud to represent these brands in providing top tier OEM 3D printing equipment to the Canadian market.  Enjoy piece of mind with genuine OEM parts and accessories.


Our 3D Printers are very well suited to small and medium sized businesses.  Contact our technical sales staff for a consultation regarding the special needs of your business.  We’ll take into consideration the required function of your 3D Printer and the complexity of the parts you are trying to prototype.  With so many factors involved, a custom solution from 3D Printing experts cannot be underestimated.


The internet can sometimes be cold and distant but it doesn’t have to be.  We are real people and if you have a request, a question or a concern that is easier to talk it over.  Give us a call or drop in!  If we can accomodate you we certainly will!

F.A.Q.s uses flat rate shipping to subsidize shipping costs to you.  3D printers are a heavy item and we have arranged specialized 3D printer insurance policy with our carriers so while the shipping costs are high, our customers are fully protected no “ifs and buts”.  We cap the costs to you depending on the weight class of the printer you purchased and we subsidize all shipping and insurance costs beyond the flat rate.  All 3D printers ship via  UPS Gound/Expedited and the average shipping cost for Large 3D printers with full insurance is around ~$125-200 but we cap it at $90. generally ships all in stock orders out by the next business day.  It gives us time to verify all the shipping and payment details and gives us enough time to package each shipment carefully.  All 3D Printers ship via Purolator Ground/Express or UPS Ground/Expedited.  Usual delivery time is 1-3 days.  Parts and Filament orders will ship out via Canada Post Expedited with usual delivery times around 1-4 days except when purchased with a 3D printer in which case we will ship both packages via Purolator.

Shop3D is the official sales partner for Ultimaker in Canada.  That means we not only sell Ultimakers nation-wide but we also support Ultimakers and their users nation wide.  We are happy to be your first point of contact to make sure you have everything you need for your Ultimaker and that your Ultimaker is running smoothly for years to come.

Let us help you determine what kind of problem you are having with your product.  Sometimes we can help you fix it on the phone within minutes and you will be on your way to 3D printing bliss.  Send an email to or give us a call during our office hours so we can best determine how to handle the problem and get you running full speed again.

Yes, we can accept unopened items under a $500 value within 15 days of purchase.  Unfortunately we cannot accept returns for opened printers, opened filament, backordered or special order items.  To see our refund policy, please click here.

Contact us via any of the methods on our contact page and we’ll get you the scoop on how we can make it happen.  Feedback about items you want but are unlisted are especially welcome so we know what our customers are looking for.

You certainly can!  It would be helpful if you could call us to make sure your order is assembled for pickup in advance prior to dropping in.  Please note our hours of operation for a visit.