Innofil’s new Polypropylene and HIPS at!

Post by on July 24, 2017

Today, we’re launch 2 new filaments from one of our favorite filament manufacturers.  Imported straight from the Netherlands, Innofil3D not only provides some of the highest quality filaments in the world but at an amazingly affordable price made in Europe.

Polypropylene is elastic, wear resistent, semi-flexible, great for engineers who are making prototypes with living hinges or a durable plastic material that will undergo repeated stresses.

HIPS is commonly used either as a standalone warp resistant matte finished printing material or as the soluble dual extrusion support for ABS as it dissolves readily in D’limonene.

Both now in stock at Shop3D and ready to ship same day if ordered before 3pm.  Click on the materials to reach the product page directly.

Click here for a detailed technical comparison of Innofil’s entire line of filaments.

East Coast Canada Making Some Big Waves

Post by on July 18, 2017

The team has just returned from the Atlantic Education Summit 2017 held at Moncton High School in Moncton, NB and boy, was it ever inspiring. We set out, not quite knowing what to expect, only to find that New Brunswick is taking some serious initiative to elevate the standards in technological integration into their teaching curriculum. Organized by Mario Chiasson and his dedicated team, the summit ran very smoothly.

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Ultimaker launches new engineering material PolyPropylene and much more!

Post by on June 27, 2017

Ultimaker PP: For lightweight, durable prototypes

Ultimaker PP (polypropylene) is a favorite of engineers and manufacturers worldwide. It’s durable, tough, and offers exceptional fatigue resistance and low friction. It also has excellent chemical, temperature, and electrical resistance. Suitable for producing everything from electrical components to living hinges, PP is the go-to material for creating functional prototypes and end-use products. Optimized for both Ultimaker 2+ and Ultimaker 3 series. Continue Reading

Zortrax M300 large format printer and it’s little brother M200 now in stock at

Post by on June 22, 2017


With the boom of desktop 3D printing and its applications into prototyping of models & mock ups, the requirement for precise repeatability and dimensional accuracy is higher than ever. Professionals and consumers alike are always looking to take matters into their own hands and reduce the costs of prototyping their dreams, whether it be a simple figurine, to mechanical parts, to a building model. On top of that, the professional consumer is looking to minimize assembly time with the helps of having an increased build volume. Continue Reading

Innofil3D Launches their new Polypropylene engineering material.

Post by on June 1, 2017

Innofil3D has released a new material called Polypropylene (PP) for 3D-printing. As of now this engineering material, which is widely used for industrial applications, is going to be available at in our next shipment from Innofil within a few weeks.


Polypropylene or PP is widely known as a solution for automotive applications, (household) appliances and liquid containers.  The main features of this material are:

  • Low density
  • Resistance to fatigue
  • Chemical to resistance
  • Elasticity and toughness
  • Insulation properties

Here is a link to the wonderfully detailed Datasheet provided by Innofil3D.

Summer Hours in effect. Monday to Friday 10-6:00pm

Post by on May 16, 2017

Effective immediately for the summer and possibly beyond we will be having earlier hours.

Schedule will be as follows:

Monday       10-6pm EST
Tuesday       10-6pm
Wednesday 10-6pm
Thursday     10-6pm
Friday           10-6pm
Saturday    Closed
Sunday       Closed

We welcome feedback on the change of hours and may adjust to demand.

Announcing Form Wash and Form Cure

Post by on May 9, 2017

Built to complete the Formlabs SLA engine, we’re thrilled to announce Form Wash and Form Cure, two new units that streamline post-processing to help you consistently produce high-quality parts, with less time and effort.

Parts travel directly from the printer to Form Wash, still on the build platform, and are automatically agitated in isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to get perfectly, non-sticky prints. Best of all, when they’re done, Form Wash raises parts out of the IPA–no more babysitting, no more accidentally over-soaked prints.

Form Cure provides a professional post-curing solution that’s finely tuned to bring Formlabs materials to their maximum mechanical properties. Through the precise combination of heat and light, Form Cure makes Standard Resins stronger and brings functional materials to peak performance.

Make the most of your Form 2: add Form Wash and Form Cure to your 3D printing lineup.  Learn more and get on the waiting list today!

Get on our Pre-order:  Form Wash / Form Cure  (ETA for product release is Sept 2017)

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The new BB Cure Tech Version is here for Formlabs Engineering Resins

Post by on May 5, 2017

As you are aware, all of Formlabs’ non-standard resins require a post curing solution in order to achieve it’s full rated properties and in the case of Dental SG resin, it’s bio-compatibility requirements.  We’ve been fortunate enough to work with our friends at Meccatronicore in distributing the BB Cure Dental version to Canada and the United States.  With the new release of the much sought after Durable Resin from Formlabs, the demand for engineering resins to reach it’s fully cured potential is stronger than ever.

We’re happy to announce that will be carrying the new BB Cure Tech which was made specifically for post curing the Engineering resins with it’s focus on the Durable resin which requires a different wavelength for post curing.  With this new version, you can have the peace of mind that your Tough, Dental, Flexible and High Temp resins will be fully post cured and at it’s strongest.

Now in stock at shipping from Ontario.  Check out the new BB Cure Tech!