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Ultimaker | Powerful, Repeatable, Versatile

Accurate, repeatable, easy to use with a fully aligned software, hardware and materials lineup. Ultimaker makes it easy to produce accurate, robust parts.

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Ultimaker | S5

Introducing the newest addition to the Ultimaker family. The state of the art, large volume FFF dual extrusion 3D printer allows for the most hands off Ultimaker experience yet. With a flow sensor to detect filament outages, 20+ point automated bed leveling, mesh compensation and glass front enclosure, repeatable results with even the most demanding materials are a breeze to use right on your desktop.

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Ultimaker | Why Choose Ultimaker?

There are hundreds of 3D printers out there, the landscape is rife with misleading statistics and buzzwords. Why choose an Ultimaker? There's a reason Ultimaker is the global leader in the professional desktop 3D printing market partnering with some of the largest manufacturing companies like Volkswagon and Bosch, and strategic materials alliances with BASF, Dupont and Mitsubishi.

Ultimaker Reliability

The simple answer is the core functionality such as reliability and quality. While many companies will tout features and gimmicky tricks to capture the headlines, Ultimaker printers are laser focused on the basics of what makes a printer reliable. Proven to work on the field 15-24 hours a day for a year without much maintenance and churning out production part after part. Reliability and repeatability is the key when that deadline is looming.

Ultimaker Quality

The quality of prints produced by the Ultimaker speak for themselves. With a default standard resolution that is often reserved for "high" quality on other printers, Ultimakers are known for producing fantastic results with strong layer bonding without the need to mess with calibration. Allowing you to focus on the design and engineering of your part, instead of your printer.

Ultimaker Platform

With the alignment of Ultimaker software (Cura), hardware and materials. It's easy to print a plethora of materials available to FFF printing. Presets for all Ultimaker materials are already preloaded on the printer and software so using difficult engineering materials is as easy as ever. Not satisfied? Ultimaker has an open platform allowing you to use 3rd party materials as well recycled plastics or other specialized materials like carbon fiber filament. Our team is available to answer any questions on compatibility or usability concerns you have.

Ultimaker Support

3D Printing enables you to make almost anything you can imagine. As unique as that concept is, it brings out particular challenges. Sometimes the standard settings may not be optimized for your unique part, or something may go wrong. That's where Ultimaker has a leg up on everyone else. is the primary support partner for Ultimaker in Canada, so we will be able to help you through virtually any problem you encounter. Be it slicing, hardware, software, we have experts ready to assist. From training, to site scans and rollouts, or even basic slicing optimization, we do it all. And best of all we provide it all within Canada serving Canadians with same day support. Never worry again about cross-border duties or taxes or funny time zones at call centers. is proud to offer the highest level of technical and warranty support, service and consultation for Ultimaker 3D printers across Canada.

We're not your typical tech support. We use these printers every day on production projects so we experience the same challenges you do, know the best way to solve it and can get you up and running in the right direction as quickly as possible. Have peace of mind working with a manufacturer that enables it’s reseller to take direct responsibility to providing you the best local support north of the border.


Ultimaker | Which one is right for you?

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Materials | What is best for my application?

Ultimaker has a wide range of materials. Whether you're testing a prototype for fit and dimensional accuracy, or a final use part that will go into an assembly. There's a material that will fit your needs with profiles already setup and built into the software and hardware.

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Standard Ultimaker Filaments

Versatile everyday use filaments with varying strengths and colours

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Advanced Ultimaker Filaments

Engineering materials with special properties

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