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3D Printing on Demand - Request a Quote

Do you have a 3D object you want 3D printed? Have us print it for you! Use the form below or e-mail your print to

Once you submit a .stl file, our expert Print Master will review it for errors and put together a quote for the cost of the print for you to approve. If you aren't sure about the specs of your project we can walk you through the process.

For modeling requests and other special inquiries, please contact our printmaster directly for a consultation.

 Submit a Print File


I clicked submit and nothing happened?
Large files and multiple files may take a few minutes to upload. If you are still having problems after a few minutes, you can e-mail the files directly to
How much will my print cost / how long will it take to print?
There are many factors that can go into the cost and time a print takes. To provide you with an estimate we need you to submit your file using the form or by e-mailing it to We'll review the file and provide you with a quote outlining the price and print-time, which you can then accept or decline.