0.5mm Steel Ice Nozzle for 3D Solex Hardcore Printcore

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Hardened steel nozzle. An economical way to handle abrasive filaments for the Ultimaker 3 through the 3D Solex Hardcore Printcore.

ICE coated SS .5mm nozzle for 3DSolex HardCore block (not compatible with any other products).

Does not stick to your filament! Will not carry blobs of PLA or any other filament around your print!
First 2 hours max 220C to temper the nozzle. Max temp 275C. If you heat it to more than 275C the ICE coating function is destroyed and it will act like a "normal" (non-ICE) nozzle.

Super easy Cold Pull! UM3 3DSolex HardCore ONLY!

0.50mm size can have an advantage with certain difficult, fibrous filaments, less clogging.
Lasts even longer than stainless steel nozzles. For some users it will “payback” after first use!

Install by screwing it into your 3D Solex Hardcore Printcore Only.  Hardcore sold separately.

These work on UM3 and UM3x 3DSolex Hardcore Printcore only.

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