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Mosaic 1.75mm Filament Adaptor for Ultimaker - Standalone or with Palette 2 System

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Adaptor A and C in stock. Adaptor B is special order.
More Open Filament Opportunities For Your Ultimaker

Print with 1.75mm filament on your Ultimaker printer with this 1.75mm UM Adaptor from Mosaic Manufacturing!

The 1.75mm UM Adaptor allows select 2.85mm Ultimaker printers to print reliably with 1.75mm filament. The adaptor can be installed or removed in less than 10 minutes and does not require any permanent changes or modifications to the printer. Now you can Print with Palette 2 (Pro) and have access to lower cost, wide variety of 1.75mm filament available on the market. 

Technical Specs
Ultimaker 3 Adapter Setup Guide | Ultimaker 2+ Adapter Setup Guide
  • Filament diameter supported: 1.75mm
  • Supported filaments: PLA, PETG, ABS
  • Max extruder temperature: 240 degrees C
  • Bowden tube: extruded PTFE
  • Hot-end sleeve: precision machined PTFE
  • Drive arm: CNC machined aluminum
What's Included
The 1.75mm UM Adaptor A consists of 3 components:
  1. 1.75mm PTFE Bowden Tube 
  2. Hot End PTFE Sleeve 
  3. 1.75mm Feeder Drive Arm
By installing these 3 parts onto the Ultimaker, the printer is able to accept and print reliably with 1.75mm rigid filaments such as PLA, PETG, and ABS. 

Please note that this adaptor is not compatible with soft or flexible filaments such as TPE, TPU, PVA/PVOH, or other similar water-soluble filaments as the resistance in the bowden set up may cause feeder issues. 
    Compatibility & Version Breakdown


    Adaptor A

    Adaptor B

    Adaptor C (Pre-Order)

    Compatible Printers

    Ultimaker 2, 2+, 2+ Extended UM 3, 3 Extended
    (left extruder only)

    Ultimaker 2go

    Ultimaker S3 or S5
    (left print core only)

    Included in the box

    1.75mm Bowden Tube (28")

    1.75mm Bowden Tube (22")

    1.75mm Bowden Tube (33.5") - S5

    Large Hot End PTFE Sleeve x 2 + Short Hot End PTFE Sleeve x 2

    Short Hot End PTFE Sleeve x 2

    1.75mm Bowden Tube (28") - S3

    Long 1.75mm Feeder Drive Arm

    Mosaic Mfg. Sticker x 2

    Large Hot End PTFE Sleeve x 2

    Mosaic Mfg. Sticker x 2

    Short 1.75mm Feeder Drive Arm

      Mosaic Mfg. Sticker x 2

    Shop3D Notes
    In order to run 1.75mm filament in your Ultimaker the filament path needs to have the correct diameter. Starting from the feeder mechanism, the tensioner arm needs to be replaced so the feeder wheel can properly grab the smaller diameter filament. After that the bowden tube is swapped out with a thinner internal diameter tube, but otherwise exactly the same as the original tube. Finally, depending on your model of Ultimaker, Either an insert needs to be placed in the core to narrow the internal diameter of the print core, or in the case for the Ultimaker 2+, a tube needs to be inserted in the TFM coupler. All of these changes can easily be reversed to change your Ultimaker back to a 2.85 filament printer.

    Total installation takes about 10 minutes

    Using the 1.75 Adapter without the palette

    While possible to use the 1.75 adaptor without the palette to run 1.75 filament, we generally recommend sticking with the standard 2.85 filament unless you have special reasons or can only obtain certain filaments in 1.75 (such as custom filament). You will need to change the flow rate or diameter of filament in Cura in order to account for the lower volume of material being pushed through.

    Using the 1.75 Adapter With the Palette or Palette pro

    After installing all the pieces of the adapter onto the Ultimaker, you also need to connect a bowden tube from the palette to the feeder arm assembly. It is recommended to use the shortest bowden tube that comes with your palette.

    Here is what users of the UM 1.75mm Adaptor are saying:

    User: Ben Lewitt
    Company: Hobby User
    Ultimaker Printer: UM 2+
    Testimonial: “From the moment I entered the 3D printing space, I wanted to explore multi-color/multi-material printing.  Enter the Ultimaker filament adapter kit and the Palette 2 Pro. With an ingenious adapter kit from Mosaic, now my Ultimakers can print reliably using 1.75mm filament and switching back to 2.85 is trivial.  Being able to run 1.75mm is more than mere convenience too. Because with the Palette 2 Pro, it enables a whole world of multi-color printing options that never were possible on the 2.85mm machines. The staff at Mosaic are the best too…  Fantastic customer service AND support. I am loving the creative options that are now open to me with the Palette 2 Pro AND the ability to realize them using my reliable Ultimaker printers!”

    User: Jeffery So
    Company: Render Labs
    Ultimaker Printer: UM3
    I've been using the Ultimaker 1.75mm Adaptor kit on my Ultimaker 3 Extended with Palette 2 and Canvas software for 2 months now. The setup was very straightforward and I like that it allows me to easily swap the printer back to print with 2.85mm filaments. The adaptor changed the way filament is loaded into the print head however it became second nature after a few prints. With the adaptor installed and my Canvas profile set up, I was successfully able to complete the first Palette 2 calibration print with no intervention. Aside from using the 1.75mm adaptor as a means of multi-material printing with Palette, it allows me to print in single color using 1.75 material which adds a whole arsenal of filaments that previously were not available in the 2.85 diameter format. Overall this adaptor is a valuable upgrade option for the Ultimaker line of printers!”
    Please see the guide below that corresponds to the Ultimaker printer you will be using the 1.75mm UM Adapter with:

    Installation Guides:
    Installation Video Tutorials:
    Supported Materials and Other Notes
    • The 1.75mm UM Adaptor has been developed for use with rigid 1.75mm filaments including PLA, PETG, and ABS. The 1.75mm UM Adaptor is not compatible with soft or flexible filaments such as TPE, TPU, PVA/PVOH, or other similar water soluble filaments as the resistance in the bowden set up may cause feeder issues.
    • The print core temperature must be set below 240 degrees C given the use of PTFE in the hot end region
    • Slicer settings in addition to the filament diameter may need tuning to achieve optimal print quality
    • Retractions with 1.75mm filament may not be as effective as those with 2.85mm filament
    • After prolonged use, the Hot End PTFE Sleeve may leave residue in the print core hot-end. For convenience, it is recommended to dedicate a print core to the 1.75mm Adaptor to avoid needing to install and remove the Hot End PTFE Sleeve repetitively

    * Palette 2 Pro, Ultimaker, filament, table and spools shown in 2nd picture not included.  For display purposes only.  

    Instructions for Ultimaker Cura
    In Cura: Click on the left most tab Manage printers machine settings select Extruder 1 change from 2.85 to 1.75

    The filament adaptor consists of the black lever and the white bowden tube. The feeder box and all other parts are NOT included with the adaptor.

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