3Dsimo Basic - Low Temperature 3D Printing Pen


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Start with 3D drawing now. This is an ideal product for both small kids, and for beginning creatives who want to be introduced to 3D drawing. 3Dsimo basic is safe to use by children of age 8+ years.

The tip of the nozzle reaches a maximum of 50°C temperature and won't cause any burns. The device is powered by a battery that can easily be clipped on and is part of every box. On a single charge, you can draw for 90-120 minutes.
The 3Dsimo basic can be used comfortably with any hand size, thanks to its long front button. The whole device is lightweight, and has an ergonomic shape for even more comfort, and easier use.

Pack contains :

  • 1x 3Dsimo Basic
  • 1x Battery
  • 1x Book with 24 projects
  • 2x Tube with material for 3D drawing (96 material sticks)
  • 1x Manual

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