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3Dsimo - Big Creative Box - 3D Printing Pen + Accessories

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Create Without Limits

Discover the 3Dsimo Big Creative Box, a kit containing a variety of filaments, templates, and accessories to help introduce you to the most versatile 3D pen you can buy, the 3Dsimo Mini 2. Beginners and creative professionals alike can make great use of the Big Creative Box.

Technical Specs
English Manual | French Manual
  • Weight: 70 g
  • Dimensions: 170mm x 34mm x 20mm
  • Power: 12V/2A
What's Included
  • 1x 3Dsimo Mini 2 set
  • 75 m (total) of Filament
    • 1x Pack of ABS
    • 1x Pack of PLA
    • 1x Pack of Wood
    • 1x Pack of Metal
    • 1x Pack of Thermochrome
  • 1x Power Pack
  • 1x Wooden Stand
  • 5x Paper Drawing Templates
  • 1x Drawing Pad
  • 2x Wooden Products for burning
3Dsimo MultiPro is multifunctional tool that offers 4 basic functions:
  • a) 3D drawing - using any current and future 3D printing filament (diameter of 1,75mm) 
  • b) Soldering - using soldering attachment you can solder as easily as with any other soldering iron. Changing the soldering tip is easy, just unscrew it.
  • c) Burning - burning attachment can reach up to 480°C which allows you to burn into leather, wood and more. Also allows you to smoothen 3D printed objects. 
  • d) Resistance wire cutter - using resistance wire you can cut foam materials, plastic boards and even plexiglass.
The device can connect using Bluetooth to your smartphone and update the firmware, so your device always stays current. 
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