3Dsimo Book - Guide for 3D Printing Pen

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A 250 page book that will guide you step by step through your use of the 3Dsimo mini. From a beginner, you will soon become a master who can create your own ball track. The book is tailored to the 3DSimo mini, but it can also be used if you draw with other 3D pens available on the market.

Most of the projects in the book are about 3D drawing, but there are also teaching programs and projects for cutting, soldering or burning of motifs into wood or leather. The book comes with a brochure that is full of templates to create all the sample projects.

What you get from purchasing the 3DSimo book:

  • Useful tips and tricks on how to work with a 3D pen
  • The possibility to create up to 40 unique projects described in the book
  • 40 project templates
  • You may be inspired by a picture gallery of a French artist

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