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3D drawing: this attachment can use any material on the market and also those coming in the future. Thanks to changeable temperature and speed of extrusion. It is used for finishing work on 3D prints, repairing plastic components or for 3D drawing.

Soldering: This attachment is fully fledged replacement of a soldering station. It is a perfect fit for all handymen and technicians for soldering electronic components or fixing cables.

Burning: This one is suitable mainly for smoothing 3D printed or drawn objects. It can also be used to burn into wood or leather.

Foam Cutting: This attachment cuts using resistive wire both foam and plastic materials. It can also be used to remove supports from a 3D printed object. You also receive a platform for precise angle cutting with this attachment.

Main advantages:

  1. User friendly
  2. More functionality coming (Drill, electric screwdriver, heat gun, jigsaw)
  3. Mobile APP
  4. Ergonomically shaped
  5. All settings can be adjusted directly on the OLED display
  6. Rigid
  7. Simple mechanism for exchanging the attachments

What pre-order package contains:
1x 3dsimo MultiPro
1x drawing pad
1x 3dsimo book in electronic format
45m of Filament

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