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BASF | Ultrafuse® 1.75mm PLA Filament 2.5kg Big Reel (Netherlands)

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Previously Innofil3D Filament, new name, same product.
We recommend using a Large Spool Holder to dispense this Big Reel.
BASF Ultrafuse® 1.75mm PLA Filament - Big Reel

These are 2.5kg Big Reel spools with 1.75mm diameter filament.  Made for all your big and long prints.  3.3x larger than the standard spools, these big reels ensure that your long print will finish without disruption and the large spool ensures that the filament is less tightly wound up vs the regular spools.

Shop3D Test Notes
BASF Ultrafuse® filament is high quality performance filament from the Netherlands. Upon our extensive testing, we can recommend it as material that is 100% compatible with the Ultimaker line of printers. Enjoying the same spools and diameter as OEM filament there is no difference in configuration or operation as compared to official OEM filament. The colours are brilliant and bed adhesion on bare glass is superb.  There is zero decrease in performance between BASF Ultrafuse's high quality filament and OEM in any aspect.

BASF 3D Printing Solutions is a high quality filament manufacturer also based in Netherlands.   

PLA is a non-toxic, sustainable plastic that is perfect for printing within classrooms and indoor areas due to it's low melting temperature and non warping characteristics.

TDS and MSDS are available here.

Recommended Settings
Print with default Ultimaker PLA settings.  No adjustments required for the perfect print.

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