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BASF | Ultrafuse® 2.85mm PET Filament (Netherlands)

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Previously Innofil3D Filament, new name, same product.
BASF | Ultrafuse® 2.85mm PET

PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is the well-known PET bottle material. The raw material monoPET is a food-approved grade and has a natural transparent look. We predict a bright future for this material: it has excellent 3D printing properties and good mechanical characteristics. We added colors so you can make prints with a nice translucent and decorative look.

Technical Specs
BASF Ultrafuse PET Technical Data Sheet
  • 750 gr. spools with 2.85mm diameter
Print Settings
  • BASF Ultrafuse PET prints very well with normal PLA settings. No modification to settings are required. Test Notes

BASF Ultrafuse PET has excellent layer bonding properties, while some materials may be much weaker along the layer lines and split if force is applied along the grain, PET offers a much stronger bond between layers offering higher tensile strength than both PLA and ABS. PET is very rigid and will resist bending, it will break rather than bend and deform like soft plastics. Ultrafuse PET does not give off pungent fumes like ABS does.

BASF Ultrafuse PET is the best PET we have tested to date and it naturally has some inherent transparency in it's colour which hides slight imperfections.  Surface quality is equivalent to OEM filaments if not better.  Best of all, BASF Ultrafuse PET is 100% compatible with Ultimakers in filament diameter and spool size. It even uses standard PLA profiles, so no additional configuration is required for reliable operation.

PET is commonly known as the water bottle plastic.  It has a translucent look, is easier to print than ABS and is more flexible and more impact resistant than PLA.  Good for intermediate level users. BASFUltrafuse PET is BASF Ultrafuse's signature PET formula.

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