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460 Piece Stainless Steel Metric Nuts and Bolts Pack - 3D Printing Accessories

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Nuts and Bolts Pack for 3D Printing - Hex Head

Essential Fasteners for all of your assemblies big and small.

An assortment of sizes from M3 to M5, 8 to 20mm in length. Perfect for printed assemblies that require eventual disassembly. Or for connections between parts stronger and more robust than glue.

Embed matching nuts into your prints for strong precise metal connections.

Made with Corrosion-resistant stainless steel with standard metric hex heads.

What's Included

  • M3 * 8  20pcs
  • M3 * 12 20pcs
  • M3 * 20 20pcs
  • M3 nuts 80pcs

  • M4 * 8  20pcs
  • M4 * 12  20pcs
  • M4 * 16  20pcs
  • M4 * 20 20pcs
  • M4 nuts 80pcs

  • M5 * 8  20pcs
  • M5 * 12  20pcs
  • M5 * 16  20pcs
  • M5 * 20 20pcs
  • M5 nuts 60pcs
  • Plastic organizer case
  • Standard Metric Hex heads
  • Matching Nuts and Bolts

REFERENCE design files coming soon!

For use with prints, design with a 0.1mm offset for a tight fit. 0.2mm for a medium fit and 0.3 for a loose fit. (your printer materials and precision may vary, these are guidelines for Ultimaker printers using PLA)
Design with a +0.05 tolerance for threading into the print directly with no nut, have at least 4 wall lines to ensure there is enough strength for the bolt to drive directly into.

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