Clariant PETG - 2.85mm 1kg Filament

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Glycol modified polyethylene terephthalate (PET-G) is a polyester with good toughness and chemical resistance. 3D printed PET-G exhibits good layer adhesion and can be used to produce all kinds of products which include end use parts, prototypes, jigs, and fixtures.


General properties

  • Strong and tough engineering thermoplastic
  • Transparent
  • Good impact strength
  • Good chemical resistance

Optimized benefits

  • Reduced thermo-oxidative degradation
  • Minimized undesired yellowing due to ultraviolet light


  • Prototypes
  • Tools, jigs, fixtures
  • Containers / packaging
  • Mechanical and technical application parts

*Subject to detailed product specifications.

Printing Parameters

  • Print Temperature = 250-260°C
  • Print Speed = 20-50 mm/s
  • Bed Adhesion = a thin coating of PVP glue on glass or using commercially available adhesion sheets
  • Bed Temperature = ideally heated up to 70-75°C (use an enclosed chamber if possible)
  • Fan Settings = medium to high

Note: parameters are dependent on printer used; Clariant tests were performed on an Ultimaker 3 extended and an Ultimaker S5

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