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eSun ePLA-ST Filament 1.75mm - 1kg Spool

Product SKU: ePLA-ST175B1

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eSun Has discontinued the use of plastic spools, newer batches of eSun Filament will have cardboard spools instead of plastic.

eSun ePLA-ST in 1kg Spools - 1.75mm

The ePLA-ST (Super Tough) Filament has been designed for high impact resistance, high elongation at break, high bonding strength and high printing accuracy. There is no need to heat the print bed or print in a closed chamber, and there is also no warping when printing large scale models.

Print Settings
  • Best print temperature: 210-230 °C
  • Print bed temperature: 45-60 °C
  • Print speed: 40-100mm / s
  • Suitable for printing mechanical prototypes
  • Also suitable for prints with strength and accuracy requirements
  • Ideal for structural and functional parts
  • Applicable for industrial design, consumer electronics, auto parts, IT manufacturing, machinery etc.

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