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A coordinated effort to get 3D printed faceshields into the hands of those that need them.
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COVID-19 Crowd Sourced Face Shields - Batch of 50

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Temporarily Unavailable
Due to the incredible demand for face shields, we've temporarily closed off orders so that we can catch up. You can reach us at for urgent situations or for more details.

* Only Available within Canada * 

If this is your first time using these shields we recommend ordering a sample pack of 3 face shields to confirm viability in your medical facility.

If you have already approved this equipment then move forward to place an order. If you require a larger batch please contact us.  Until we fully ramp up, we are limited to 1 batch per institution fulfilled by priority.  

These Masks are made free by Volunteers intended for Health Care Workers who need it the most. For fastest processing, list your institution name under company name on checkout. A Shop3D representative or volunteer will call to confirm identity and organize shipping by priority. Unaffiliated orders will be cancelled after 2 days.

The S3D FaceShield:

  • Provides shielding from respiratory droplets produced during coughing, speaking and breathing
  • Made with PLA Plastic with 0.5mm PETG sheet and TPU strap
  • The PETG sheet can be wiped clean using a virus wipe and inserted into a new/sanitized holder
  • Should be used in conjunction with a proper N95 or better face mask
  • Assembles with no tools in under 1 minute

Read how it's made here: 

Want to help with the cause?!  Shop3D will pay for all expenses!

  • We've created a kit that you can order to produce your own and with instructions every step of the way.
  • Once you are finished printing your set, ship it back with the free return label.
  • Once we receive it we will refund your starter kit in FULL!
  • We will finish the assembly, aggregate and arrange transportation to the hospital / institution in the more dire need.
  • We'll record your contribution on the donor board.

Who's making this contribution:

All the Face shields are either donated by fellow Canadians who are looking to help or printed with our 2 printfarms in Mississauga and Vancouver and aggregated.  The community is either ordering our printing kits and returning the printed masks to us free of charge or they are donating to this cause without compensation.  Thank you!

Donors and Support Acknowledgement:

  • is paying for shipping, return shipping, materials, printing and logistical support out of pocket for this initiative.
  • Any donated kits are printed by the crowd-sourced community and volunteers
  • Mayku has donated an amount of PETg sheets for this initiative
  • Utlimaker has provided printing material for this initiative
  • Please visit our donor page to where all the support is coming from! (coming soon)


Our intention for these face masks is to provide community support to fellow Canadians in the most dire need.  We are operating under the assumption that this may not be the best way but slightly better than going through the most desperate times without having any PPE at all. 

We do not recommend this for high risk medical procedures and should not be a substitute for proper medical PPE.  Please consider deploying this only for low risk situations.

Shop3D is not after any financial gain and if you choose to use the product, we are not providing any guarantees on the product function.  Buyers agree to release Shop3D and all crowd-sourced members and donors of all liabilities.  If this arrangement does not suit you, please do not order any shields.  

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