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Craftbot Flow IDEX 3D Printer


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Craftbot Flow IDEX - Dual Extrusion 3D Printer

Craftbot Flow IDEX is a user-friendly 3D ecosystem, reliable, plug & play printer.

Technical Specs
IDEX User Manual
  • Printing technology: Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF)
  • Printing heads: Independent Dual Extruders (IDEX) with Filament Monitoring system (FMS)
  • Build volume: X: 425mm x Y: 250mm x Z: 250mm (16.7in x 9.8in x 9.8in)
  • Theoretical precision: X,Y: 4 microns, Z: 2 microns
  • Layer resolution: For 0.4mm nozzle recommended 50-300 microns
  • Travel speed: Up to 160mm/s
  • Print speed: Up to 160mm/s
  • Build speed: 0.4mm nozzle: up to 19.2 mm3/sec
  • Build plate: Heatable, magnetic build plate, with removable spring steel build surface
  • Build plate temperature: 40 - 110°C
  • Filament diameter: 1.75mm
  • Supported materials: PLA, ABS, HIPS, PET-g, Nylon, TPU, PVA, Moldlay (wax like), up to 300°C
  • Nozzle diameter: Default: 0.4mm, supplied: 0.25mm, 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm
  • Nozzle temperature: 40 - 300°C
  • Hotend: All metal hotend
  • Extruder: Dual drive extruder, ratio: 5,06:1
What's Included
  • (1x) AC Power cable according to your region
  • (2x) Filament guide tube holder
  • (2x) Filament guide tube
  • (2x) Filament spool holder
  • (2x) Filament spool
  • (5x) Hex wrenches
  • (1x) Flash drive
  • (1x) USB A-B cable
  • (2x) Nozzle kit
  • (1x) Cleaning kit
Craftbot Flow Generation - Size Comparison
Key Features


INDEPENDENT DUAL EXTRUDER: Craftbot's IDEX printers with their huge print volume and high quality independent dual extruders are able to print two objects in the same time (mirror or parallel mode) as well as PVA printing.
UNIQUE DESIGNED PRINTING BED - FOR THE STRONG ADHESION & EASY REMOVAL: The heated bed comprises of metal, tempered glass, and Kapton this ensures the maximum adhesion during printing, while the flexible top plate makes the removal easy even in the case of very flat objects.
MESH BED LEVELING - SIMPLIFY THE CALIBRATION PROCESS: Beside the automatic XY calibration we have built in a semi-automatic, electronically aided Z calibration as well into our IDEX printers.


NEW PR3DATOR MOTHERBOARD - FOR THE MAXIMUM SPEED: 32 Bit fast for more accurate and precise control. Our mainboard is equipped the industry leading motor control system, extended features and great interface connections.
RASPBERRY PI IS THE ENGINE OF HMI - ENABLES MORE FLEXIBLE DEVELOPMENTS: A brand new microcomputer which supports your effective working time. Ultra-fast response times, unified user interface, stable Linux operating system in a modern, hi tech design, future-proof execution.
WEB INTERFACE, IOT - FOR THE INDUSTRY 4.0 COMPATIBILITY: Each printer has its own responsive interface with a simple control option connected to the owner PC via a secure intranet connection. In addition the built-in camera facilitates working processes. The platform-independent access, the programmable API, the fine-tuning CraftWare software and compatibility with even a heterogeneous printer farm bring you a totally personalized option to control your work.
5” COLOR TOUCH SCREEN - for the innovative design.
LED STATUS INDICATOR - maximize the user experience.


REINFORCED STEEL FRAME - MAKES CRAFTBOTS “TANK”: reinforced double-shell structure and robust extruded aluminium profiles along the Z axis.
NEW FILAMENT MONITORING SENSOR: for the smooth operation
ALL-METAL HOTEND: Exceptional quality printings and less filament jam.
The manufacturer (Craftbot Unique) warrants that the Product shall conform in all respects with its Product Description for the period of 12 months from the physical transfer to the Consumer, or for the term in excess of 12 months. The guarantee period of the accessories and components of the equipment shall be as follows. The guarantee is restricted to 5000 hours of usage per one year with regards to the wearing parts, in particular bearings, hotend, nozzle, belt and extruder gear. The usage extending 5000 hours per year shall be considered as non-proper usage, therefore these cases shall not be covered by the guarantee duty of the manufacturer. Guarantee period shall start on the day of the physical transfer of the Product to the Consumer.

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