Customized 3D Printed Whiskey Barrel for Dogs/Pets (Finished and Painted)

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Get your Custom Painted Whiskey Barrel for your Dog, Cat, Lizard or hamster.

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Each Barrel Includes:

  • Airbrushed with details hand painted with clearcoat
  • Barrel lid is lockable (with a twist of the tap) and the barrel is able to store a roll of doggie poop bags
  • Display stand for the barrel included
  • Customization

Customization Options:

  • Single or double attachment points
  • Small size (for 15-30lbs dogs) or Large size (for >30lbs Dogs)
  • Customized Nationality Shield/Emblem
  • Customized Pet Name (character lengths apply)
  • Shop3D will verify customization details with you before production

* Please provide customization details in customer notes on checkout *

Things you should know:

  • This is 3D printed from PLA plastic which is non-toxic
  • If your dog chews on it, it will get damaged and prolonged use on collar would wear it out as well
  • This is not a toy and there are small parts that can break off, keep away from Children
  • Lead time is ~2 weeks
  • Since we custom print each one with your information, it is final sale.
  • Your order will be delayed if you don’t fill in the right custom info for your barrel, we may contact you to verify details.
  • If you have a special customization request, feel free to contact us directly to see if we can make it happen for you.


Hayley with Barrel