eCopper Filament for 2.85mm/3mm Printers (eSun) - 1kg


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This is a specialty filament which we brought in due to popular demand.  Unlike other metallic looking filament, this eCopper is actually filled with ~65% copper which gives your prints a hefty weight and is cooler to the touch.  It not only has the look of metal but also the feel of it.

The spool will natively fit your Ultimaker spool holder without modification.

Printing Copper and other metallic infused filaments may wear down your brass nozzle faster due to the more abrasive nature of the filament.  We recommend changing to a hardened steel nozzle or Ruby Nozzle for prolonged use.

* The newest batch of eCopper filaments may not have manufacturer branding (white label). product review notes:

Our tests for this filament has us quite impressed.  It is very easy to print using the standard PLA presets on your Ultimaker but slowing down the print speed a touch.  The resulting finish is a nice matte dark copper finish with good layer adhesion.  The colour is darker than you would expect for “copper” but it is a nice tone.  The high copper composite percentage gives your prints a true metal feel and not just a metal sheen as compared to some other filaments.  Your prints can be polished in post processing for a smoother metal looking sheen.


Recommended Print Settings:

Use the standard PLA profile on your Ultimaker and set print speed slightly slower to 35mm/s in Cura.
To prevent pre-mature wear on your brass nozzle, consider using a hardened steel nozzle for your printer.

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