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Note:  This kit requires assembly of the enclosure.  Estimated time is ~80 minutes, minimal skill required.

Use the Ultimaker 3 Enclosure kit to regulate the temperature and reduce temperature fluctuations for improved print quality. You also get a slight reduction in the already low noise output of the Ultimaker printer. This enclosure will cover the top and front of the Ultimaker 3 or 3 Extended with slots to add a fan and hepa filter if desired.

This kit is perfect for schools, libraries, museums, and other similar spaces where the printer is in a place that is open to the public. You maintain the nice view of the operation, but reduce atmospheric and human interference.

The kit includes an instruction sheet, laser cut panels, pre-mounted door hinges, lock, and fasteners. The Ultimaker 3 / 3 Extended 3D printer is not included with the enclosure kit.

Some other features of the design include:

  • Lift off enclosure box on top.
  • Hinged doors that attaches easily to existing mounting points on front of printer.
  • Front Door
  • Built in location for mounting a 40mm fan to vent air from the chamber. You would use this to manage fumes or facilitate exhaust.
  • No glue is required for assembly. No drilling, cutting, or other modifications to the printer itself are required.
  • Enclosure is made and branded by Printed Solid

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